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SCI 458-45 EST 2013-2014

Page history last edited by Ms Rennie 8 years, 7 months ago

       Environmental Science and Technology (EST)


February Dates

Feb 4th: Lab due (Spark timer)

Feb 6th: Physics quiz

Feb 13th: Physics TEST

Feb 25th: FINAL ST lab exam (topic is electricity)



January Dates


Jan 13th: MIDYEAR EXAM (chapters 1-5)   *answer key part 1   part 2 (EST)

Jan 20th: Tech drawings due  


                                                       December Dates to Remember

Dec 2nd Power lab due
Dec 6th  Quiz - EST portion of Chapter 5
Dec 12th Test: Chapter 5 and efficiency and heat transfer
Dec 16th  Efficiency lab due
Dec 17th  Lab exam



Topic/Additional Resources
Nov 18th

Continue notes on electricity

Handout for tomorrow


Nov 19th

Power, energy and cost


Handout for tomorrow

Nov 20th

Resistor lab

Complete lab for Thursday Nov 28th

Quiz Thurs Nov 28th - electricity


Topic/Additional Resources
Nov 11th

Correct assignment

Go over quiz

Ch 4 assignment due today


Nov 13th

TEST ch 4

Introduction to electricity


Handout on calculating current

Nov 15th

Electricity part 2

Flame lab

Finish flame lab if not done in class


Topic/Additional Resources
Nov 4th

Review - stoich with energy, nuclear

Neutralization lab due today

% yield lab due Thursday


Nov 5th




Nov 6th

Quiz - Chapter 4 EST material


Nov 7th Work period + review

Chapter 4 assignment due Monday!

Test Ch 4 on WEDNESDAY!!


Topic/Additional Resources
Oct 28th

Finish up % yield and stoich with molarity

Limiting worksheet #1 and #2


Oct 30th

Exothermic and endothermic reactions

Energy and stoich

Complete worksheet on bond energy

Nov 1st

Nuclear transformations

Neutralization lab due Monday

Worksheet on energy and nuclear transformations due Tuesday

Quiz Ch 4 Wednesday

Percent yield lab due Thursday


Topic/Additional Resources
Oct 21st


mass to mass calculations

Weight solid (Percent yield lab)

Stoich handouts


Oct 22nd

Work period

Continue handouts

Oct 23rd

Limiting and excess

QUIZ tomorrow (review)

Oct 24th *Quiz Work on Percent yield lab
Oct 25th Neutralization lab Lab due next Friday (Nov 1st)


Topic/Additional Resources
Oct 15th

Computer lab - facilelearning.com

Review for quiz/test tomorrow

Oct 17th

"QUEST" on chapter 2


Set up Percent Yield lab

 Lab due Oct 17th

Complete handouts for Monday, and new handout (neutralization) for Tuesday


Topic/Additional Resources
Oct 9th

Types of reactions

Conservation of mass


**Practice naming compounds**


Worksheet (balancing review)

Concentration practice worksheet (to be handed in)

Correct quiz for tomorrow (in another colour)

Oct 10th
Lab: Identification of solutions
 Lab due Oct 17th
Oct 11th P3

Predicting products of a reaction


Continue worksheet (balancing, conservation of mass and types)

Oct 11th P4
Non-neutral salt lab



Topic/Additional Resources
Oct 1st P1

Concentration practice/go over test

Review concentration


Oct 1st
Concentration and dilution lab Lab due Oct 9th
Oct 3rd

Electrolytes (acids, bases and salts)

Worksheets for Oct 9th

Oct 4th
Balancing equations



Additional Resources
Sept 23rd

Penny lab

Significant digit handout and worksheet on ions and PT for next class


Sept 24th  Intro to concentration  
Sept 25th

Discuss lab

Go over quiz

Notes - concentration

*Worksheet from yesterday (if you were at Field hockey or soccer, it is for homework

Continue naming handouts

Sept 26th Conc. notes continued

mol/L practice

Review for Ch 1 test tomorrow


Additional Resources
Sept 16th

Isotope calculations

Avogadro's Number

Molar mass

Significant digit handout and worksheet on ions and PT for next class


Sept 18th 

Practice calculations with isotopes, Avogadro's number and molar mass.

Percent composition

Bonding diagrams

Predicting formulas

2 worksheets


Review for quiz (FRIDAY)


Finish lab report (due FRIDAY)

Sept 20th

Nomenclature (naming molecules)

Polyatomic ions


 **Look up % copper in pennies of different years

Naming worksheets


Additional Resources
Sept 9th
Scientists and their models

Concept review # 1 and 2

Assignment due Friday

Sept 10th  Periodic table (categories and families)
Support Activity #1
Sept 11th

Periodicity of properties

Metal demo (Mr Rennie)

Look up hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide
Sept 12th Gas lab Complete lab report, due Friday 20th
Sept 13th

Significant digits



Continue lab report

Finish sig dig handout


Additional Resources
Sept 3rd


Welcome letter (to sign)

Sign welcome letter
Sept 5th 

Static electricity 

Intro to Scientists

CR # 19 and 20


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