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MATH 466 - 45 (redirected from MATH 426 - 44)

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SN MATH 426 - 44



Situational Problem Thursday Sept 29th

TEST Oct 5th



Powerpoint : Properties of Exponents

Worksheets: Properties of exponents

Answer Key: Exponents mixed review answer key.pdf  *correction: # 7 3m^8/4

Answer key: Quiz

Answer key: Skill Builder Exponent Laws



School Supplies


-Scientific Calculator (2 line display)

-Notebook  - about 80 pages, or one pack of notebooks (4 x 32 pages)

-Binder – 1 to 1 ½ inch


-Folder with 2 pockets to leave in class

-Folder for homework (could be for all classes)


-Small ruler


-Coloured pens for notes/corrections

-Whiteboard marker












Answer Keys:

Quadratic review solutions.pdf

textbook answer key - Quadratics.pdf

Answer key quadratic package.pdf

key rational expressions review.pdf

Key Rational multiplication and division.pdf

answers 466 more practice second degree.pdf

Long division with remainder answer key.pdf

answer key simplifying rational.pdf

textbook answers Sept 23rd.pdf

Answers - Bell work Sept 12.pdf

Answers - Long division and factoring review.pdf

Answers - Review of Polynomials.pdf


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